Can cricut crv001 be used with computer Can cricut crv001 be used with computer. you need to find out your Cricut cartridge from the list of images that are being displayed on your computer screen. Plug the other end of the USB. Put the machine in Firmware mode (these instructions are also found in the software): To get into Firmware mode you will need to begin with the machine powered OFF. You can use it to cut characters ranging from 1 to 5-1/2 length and 11-1/2 inches wide. This cartridge-based system does not require a personal computer and allows you to cut thousands of intricate and detailed characters as small as 0. In addition to being able to cut paper, Cricut machines can be used on vinyl, felt, fabric,. The Expression machines can be used with the free computer design software Cricut Craft Room, but you are still limited to images purchased through Cricut cartridges.